Enhanced Features

Add our Enhanced Features to any one our plans. Or ask us how to purchase them separately! Check back for new and inventive Enhanced Features. We are constantly adding to our list! Call for Pricing.

Never Busy Queue

Programming to allow ability to answer simultaneous calls without busy tones or dropped calls


Integration & Setup with Microsoft O365

Conference Bridge

Voice and video conferencing capabilities

Program your own PBX

Completely manage your PBX. Control inbound routes, messages, flow control, phones, EVERYTHING!

Our Features

These exclusive features are included for free with any one of our plans. Customize your plan based on which features you need.


Bring your own SIP compatible phone and save money on hardware. This allows you to get started while keeping your initial overhead down.

Unlimited business SMS

Send and receive unlimited texts using your business number

Voicemail to text

Easily convert garbled voicemails that you receive on your cell phone into texts to have access to messages you can read anytime. This feature also allows you to respond to voicemails in the form of a text, as long as the message originates from a cell phone. 

Voicemail to email

Record a voicemail as an audio file to easily send to any email recipient. The recipient can download the file from their email to play on their smart device.

Visual voicemail

Check voicemails without making any phone calls. Users can access and listen to voicemail messages from any device and save or delete them as desired.

Audio conferencing

Allows two or more users in different locations to access a conference bridge to hold an audio call. Participants dial into a central system that connects the call rather than dialing each other directly.

Mobile softphone app

Download an app that will mimic many of the features of your desk phones, complete with a dial pad and call handling features.

Virtual receptionist

Ensure that no call goes unanswered, ever. Our virtual receptionist fields incoming calls and is able to resolve basic needs including scheduling appointments, routing calls or providing account information.

Shared lines

Allow calls made to one phone number to be answered by multiple phone devices. Answered calls can easily be handed off to other phones sharing the same phone number.

Ring groups

A group of phone numbers, extensions or physical telephones that ring simultaneously when one number or extension is dialed allowing calls to easily distribute to different departments in a business.

Caller ID masking

Helps businesses protect customer and business phone numbers. It uses a temporary phone number for each party, allowing them to communicate privately.

Virtual fax

Cloud-based fax service that allows user to receive faxes without the need for a fax machine. Easily access your fax documents to view them online or in your email, as an attachment.

Quality of service reports

Provides ability to monitor, analyze, and resolve call quality issues.

Phone rental options

With a wide selection of hardware, we have something for everyone. Call today to find out about our rental program.

Call forwarding

Allows user to forward incoming calls to a different number when they are away from their desk.

Call blocking

Block unwanted incoming calls from specific telephone numbers.

Custom integrations

Call queue

Places incoming calls in “line” to be answered while extension users are on a call. The queued calls are distributed to the next available user in the order that they are received.

Admin portal

The Admin portal is an administration console from which you can manage the features of your plan.

User portal

Similar to the Admin Portal, Business owners can allow their employees or customers to access and make changes to certain plan features.

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